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ArtStation wrote up a nice article on the portfolio tips i posted the other month on facebook, check it out if you are interested! :D
15 Steps To Landing Your Dream Art Job

they also just uploaded my interview
Models in 3d <3

(animated ---v)

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hey! i just did a walkthrough on how i created my Alyonushka Final by YBourykina for Sketchfab's blog, i tried to mention what i do different now as opposed to what i did then (about 2 years ago).
I'm thinking about doing a tutorial/more detailed walkthrough of my process, let me know what you guys would like for me to talk about :)

Art Spotlight: Paladin Alyonushka

also added a few of the shots from the article here on DA and on my ArtStation
Alyonushka Sculpt by YBourykina  Alyonushka Texturing Process by YBourykina

Models in 3d <3

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been trying out SketchFab the last few days and adding a link to my older work, really neat to be able to see them real-time on the web, great way to show off pieces :D

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hey guys! i just want to thank you again for all the love, comments, and favs, definitely going to try and get through them during my 4 day weekend <3

also i just wanted to let you all know that Blizzard Entertainment is launching a Student Art Contest in December, and they have some of the basics already up on their WoW community blog, so if you would like to enter and you are a current college student in the US or Canada (a few areas don't qualify sadly), please check out the blog :)
Blizzard Entertainment Student Art Contest

and, we also have applications up for our summer *paid* internships:
Internship Program
applications under "internship" :P

both the student contest and applications are due January 31st, would love to see a wide variety of entries from everyone, if you make a work in progress thread somewhere like, please let me know so i can check it out :D
have a wonderful holiday!
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sorry i'm always really behind with DA D:
i wanted to say thank you so much for all the great responses and sorry if i haven't had a chance to get back to you, i really appreciate all of your comments, critiques, favs, and watches! thank you again! :D

and on that note, i started at Blizzard Entertainment as an Associate Character Artist on the World of Warcraft team a month ago :)
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hey! thanks so much for all the nice comments, favs, and watches, sorry that i've not been able to get back to everyone yet, i'm finishing up Lady Mechanika's low poly poses this week and hopefully this weekend i can get back to all of you, thanks so much again :)

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